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  • Rajesh Thallam

    Rajesh Thallam

    Analytics & Machine Learning @ Google Cloud

  • Ramiz Sami

    Ramiz Sami

    Freelance Web-GIS developer. I write about GIS because I love it. Let’s get connected: http://bit.ly/2MMGbwP

  • Flavia Canelo

    Flavia Canelo

    Antropóloga / Ciencia / Geek / Innovación / Análisis / Estrategia / Diseño

  • Matt Forrest

    Matt Forrest

    Spatial Data Science @ CARTO. http://forrest.nyc

  • Max Tingle

    Max Tingle

    Data Engineering Specialist at DC Public Charter School Board in Washington, DC.

  • Lak Lakshmanan

    Lak Lakshmanan

    Data Analytics & AI @ Google Cloud

  • Medium Staff

    Medium Staff

    News and updates from the staff at Medium.

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